NBT Music Columns : Audra ‘Balancing It All’

blog-audra.jpgOur First Column from teen diva AUDRA

Wow, when I set out to make a dream come true, my mother told me it was going to require a lot – she was right.  I am now 17 years old; I been writing poetry and rap for about 5 years, but I just started performing and recording right after I turned 16. 


I have always enjoyed being busy and staying active.  I have always played sports – basketball and track and field. This year I added cheerleading to that list as well.  My friends joke me about having identity issues – they ask how can I be a Rapper and a cheerleader – the two images don’t jive.  I managed to pull it off.  I just received a Varsity Sports Letter for Cheerleading while simultaneously working on my first mix-tape.


My mother keeps reminding me that I have to maintain balance – enjoy my youth.  No problem, I’m a very social person.  I make sure I take time to hang out with friends, go to football and basketball games and definitely go shopping – the other sport J.  I’m a senior in high school and will be graduating in June – and yes, I am going to my Senior Prom.


I am an Honor Roll student who has been accepted by my #1 college choice.  I got college applications and scholarships out of the way early in the fall.  Now, I don’t have to focus on that.  I find that taking care of certain things when they first come up allows me to alleviate some of the pressure.  But then….there are occasions when I push the deadline a bit, maybe subconsciously because it forces me to get it right the first time – no time to second think myself.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t – it drives my Mom crazy.


Music is my love, my joy, my escape, my passion – did I say my love.  I love it. I love everything about it – writing and recording and certainly performing.  My songwriting is like poetry to me.  I can put my feelings on paper, say whatever I want.  I can talk about all the “girly” stuff; talk about the fun frivolous stuff.  I can even talk about things I have never experienced, only imagined.  Now, I don’t share everything in a song – sometimes a girl has to keep things to her self.  


My schedule gets pretty busy and tight and since I don’t get my driver’s license until mid-April, my mom is running around like a chicken with her head cut off – good things she is also a “high energy” person.  My busiest schedule is when I’m preparing for a show and doing sports at school. 


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

6:00a.m. – Up for school

4:00 p.m. – Home from school and track practice

4:15 – 4:45 – Dinner

4:45 – 6:30 – Homework and chores (yes, I have to do chores around the house – I rush so I can log on to myspace.com and also check out NBT)

7:00 – 9:00 – Rehearsal and practice with backup dancers.

9:30 – 10:15 – Complete any unfinished homework

10:15 – 11:00 Talking with my best friend and preparing for school

11:00 – To bed (still talking on the phone – until I hear my Mom in the hallway)


When I don’t have a show, I use that time for recording and writing.  Sometimes we don’t book shows so I can focus on school and songwriting.



4:00 – Home from school and track practice

4:15 – 4:45 – Dinner

4:45 – 6:30 – Homework and chores

6:30 – “ME Time” – Telephone, Television and Internet – all at the same time.


We try to schedule studio time on Weekends or Wednesday or we just juggle my schedule to make it work – sometimes I miss a day of practice or rehearsals.  When it’s not track season my schedule opens up a lot.


In addition to all of this, I sing in the Church Choir and I sometimes work with a non-profit organization that offers programs for youth and the homeless. 


Fortunately, I was instilled with a “Can Do” attitude and I am willing to work for what I want.  I also have an unfaltering family support system.  I am truly enjoying life and as my Mom says “I’m making memories!!!”




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