The NBT Music Columns: New Soul Spotlight

Our first column from Myron Green CEO of MD Management, in which he spotlights new exciting artists.

 This month DeFakto

Hailing for Virginia,
USA is DeFakto, an emcee and producer with an undeniable uniqueness.  He has an airy, pitchy voice that is the perfect complement to his witty wordplay.  His power punch lines and the ability to blend messages and humor minus the played-out street talk of drugs, violence, and materialism bring it all together for independent artist as an emcee.  Production wise, he’s most known for fairly abstract compositions largely comprised of digital sounds and boom-bap drum patterns but can go any direction with his tracks.


Arguably a late bloomer, DeFakto comes from a creative writing and freestyle background which he developed throughout his younger days.  From high school on through college, he engaged in cipher-style freestyle battles both street and organized.  Flirting with song-writing and composing beats turned out to be a passion for making music and his love for music as a fan only strengthened his interest in investing energy, time and money into his music.  In 2004, DeFakto started Sound Council, which is an entertainment group consisting of S.T.L. (Stress the Lyricist) and himself.  While it is only a two member council, growth is likely as they continue on with their mission of releasing quality music that they themselves enjoy with hopes that others will like it, maintaining creative control all the while.


DeFakto and Sound Council have released several independent CD projects already.  The first album release was S.T.L.’s Alright Already!!!  which came out in late 2005.  Early 2006 marked the release of DeFakto’s debut solo album entitled Exactly Write.    Several street compilation mixtapes were released as well under Sound Council in conjunction with Team Brinkz.  DeFakto’s catalogue will build with the releases he has planned in the near to far future.  A promo CD for the northern
Virginia area is already in the works to be distributed soon.  Then he will release an emcee/producer collaborative project entitled The Segment this summer (around the same time as S.T.L.’s  Nerd Rap album), before dropping his second solo album in the winter of 2007.  All of these projects will showcase everything that listeners love about DeFakto’s music – the voice, the wordplay, the sense of humor, the messages and the unique production.  That’s the rundown on DeFakto, Sound Council’s founder.




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