Amazing Moments: In Their Own Words

podcast To coincide with a special podcast celebrating the best of 2007 so far, I asked some the artists featured to write me a short paragraph or two about what they thought were their most amazing moments of the past 6 months. 

Larry Levy (The Histrioniks) 

The weirdiest thing that happened this year thus far? Hmmm. Well, Cat and I were off to
Atlantic City, New Jersey for some fun back in the beginning of April. Not that we are big gamblers but when we go to AC, we go to play. We were losing fairly big on this particular evening. I stopped at an ATM and took out a few more bucks. I walked over to this machine and put $50 in. It took it as fast as a Clapton guitar lick. So, I moved to the next machine. I was playing Joker Poker by the way which means there are 53 cards in the deck. Jackpot is 5 of a kind with a Joker. I was doing pretty well right off the bat so I hung in there. Then before my eyes I was dealt 4
Queens – how weird and how difficult. I threw the garbage card away and lo and behold I drew a Joker. 5
Queens! The Jackpot. Joker Poker on April Fools Day – yes it was April 1st.  I won’t say how much but it made our weekend as we split everything. Everybody came running over including the casino attendent with a tax form. The chance of hitting something like this is so slim.So for me it was the weirdiest thing that has happened all year. And it was lucky ladies – 5 of them. I wonder what that means????
Larry (The Histrioniks) 

Lawrence Blatt

We Are All Connected Though Time and in Memories
Several weeks ago, I was working in

Los Angeles and staying at a very nice hotel in West LA.

  Early one morning, I went downstairs to have breakfast by the pool.  As I was sitting, I heard a piano playing a quiet but familiar melody.  At first I did not pay any attention, as like the pool, the palm trees and the sun, the music was just a part of the atmosphere of this iconic
Southern California hotel.  Then it hit me.  The pianist was playing a standard composition called “Humoresque” and I had learned this beautiful melody on my violin when I was a child.  It was the favorite piece of my teacher and mentor and I struggled hour after hour to get the proper phrasing and intonation for this technically challenging violin solo.  As I gazed up at the piano player I could not believe what I saw.  There sat a somewhat stout, elderly, grey-hared man with a thick salt and pepper mustache and rumpled clothing entranced as he played the melody as if reaching out to someone or something for approval. His face was strikingly familiar and even his mannerisms reminded me of a once loved and now lost friend and confidant. “Could it really be?”, I thought to myself. “What are the chances of this?”  I whispered.  But there was no mistaking it, the piano player had to be, must be, at least a distant relative.  Later, as I gathered my courage, I walk up to him and said. “I knew your father, he was very dear to me as a child and I also learned that melody from him”.  As we sat and talked about his father and the years that had past I was keenly reminded that we are all connected through time and in memories.

Jeff Leisawitz (Electron Love Theory) 

the weirdest, most amazing time i’ve had this year is in a class i’m taking.  i’m studying nlp, which is code for neuro linguistic re-patterning, which is code for a special type of talk therapy that uses specific language and neurological triggers to help re-pattern the brain and give people the options to make better choices in their lives.  it’s very cool and it works on deep, subconscious levels.  and that’s where the action is, my friends!


Barbara Gilles 

Well, there’s not A highlight, but I can tell you a mix of the best/weirdest/most amazing moments of this year (so far):
One of the best concerts i’ve ever been to: Roger Waters, playing the whole  `Dark Side of the Moon´, an album I so many times played/watched/listened to with my bandmates, all four of us deeply hipnotized by the sound, and also alone at home… Seeing the living legend who imagined all this darkness, violence, thickness and enlightning, and the sublime show… Simply excellent. And the best of all: to enjoy it with my friends./ Discovering the song “Djanfa”, from Amadou et Mariam, while driving with my boyfriend through the city by night. Suddenly the radio began to play it, and It was one of those perfect moments./ The same day, at the book fair, I by chance met the writer of the book I had just finished the day before. We commented the book, which I recalled perfectly, lucky me!/ Going to the International Film Festival in Mar del Plata (a city near Buenos Aires), and watching over 15 movies in 3 days./ Getting the chance to play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue./ To finally have started improvisation classes, and the wonderful feeling after the class, when I step out of my teacher’s house, with a silly smile on my face, and plenty of music in my head.
And one great thing that has happened to me is that I ran across some great people from half way across the planet, who were interested in my music. People who take themselves the time and space to listen and care about quality, ideas, feelings, and anything that brings originality to this wonderful world. An argentinian songwiter once said: “Who says that everything’s lost? I’ve come here to offer my heart”. NBT is here to remind us that something good is still out there.


I just released my very first music video on Feb. 27th called “George
Orwell, Where Are You?”, available on my 2-song enhanced CD called CHANGE
THE PICTURE, GEORGE!, and much to my amazement it landed on the big screen
in a short-films festival in Miami Beach, FL just a month later.  The
audio track of the same song also just received the 2007 Sven’s World
Radio Golden Viking Award for the “Best Rebellion Rock Song”.

Ian Churchward (The Morrisons/Legendary Ten Seconds)


For me some of the most amazing things that have happened so far this year include having some jingles I have recorded played on some indie radio stations and podshows including NBT. Also I saw a video clip for the first time ever of my favourite band Quicksilver Messenger Service performing Dino’s Song from June 1967. I have loved this band ever since I first heard their music back in the early 1980’s. Hurrah for the internet but if only we could get rid of all the spam. 

Colour Cold
“>2007 so far.

What a year it’s been, and we’re not even halfway through it yet. It seems that time is going by faster and faster. Exponentially, so that yesterday went by quicker than the day before, and today is going faster than yesterday…and who knows what tomorrow will be. But the upside of time speeding by, is that it feels as if more is happening with each passing day. More dreams, more work towards making them come true, more music and more people to play in it in front of. However, if we had to say the best, most wonderful and exiting thing to happen to us as a band this year, then it has to be that, for the first time, we played as ourselves. Stage names, gimmicks and other unnecessary things were put behind us, and we played live for the first time as on our own terms. We used to play as Angel, Sun, Moon and Star, but we decided that it was time for a fresh start. So we put those names, and the things that went with them, away. The Sun was eclipsed, The Moon ebbed, Angel folded his wings away, and Star fell from the heavens. All that was left was Dirk, Dirk, Liz and Tiaan, naked on a stage and playing as ourselves for the first time. Playing as Colour Cold for the first time. It was the best gig we’ve ever played, and we’re looking forward to more. After all, who knows what tomorrow will be…

Phil Andrews (the Morrisons) Surprisingly for us we’ve had a quiet opening to 2007 so we don’t have too many weird and wonderful tales to tell just yet although I do have this small Morrisons rock n roll snippet: – On Friday night last I went out for a quiet drink with friends that turned into a monster night clubbing Indian restaurant visiting marathon. Got home dropped clothes on floor and duly passed out on the bed. Waking the next day (late!!) I had the Mother of all hangovers which never really cleared until Sunday. The good bit about this was sitting down on Saturday night (with head still a tad hazy) and writing a new Morrisons song called “Flowers On A Tuesday” all about the good, bad and ugly bits about drinking. It’s a country rock flavoured track (always fertile territory for drinking tales) which I’m sure will see the light of day soon. Ian Morrison liked the song a lot but I’m not sure my body could take such constant punishment to get a sets worth!!   




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