glenn braceMy mother told me the second she handed me this little tiny tin guitar that was blue and clunky, my eyes lit up and I never let it out of my site.      I was 3.Music had grabbed me very early and permeated every thing I did from then on in. My school years were filled with a rampant succession of bands and practicing till my fingers ached, and if I left my hand in my pocket to long it smelled like a foot because of the calluses. ( grins)But I was getting better. I guess competition between my friends who played fueled my determination to be better at my craft and I dreamed of touring and making GAJILLIONS of dollars as a result. I was a lanky moth hurtling toward an unsteady future that my parents took every opportunity to talk me out of.  I can remember being 13 and getting my first electric guitar and powerful 5 watt practice amp, and thinking about a name for what I would do. My last name being Brace I kept thinking “BRACE YOURSELF” and still may end up using that for the tour I do in the USA and Canada in 2008.I was looking at my hand holding the neck of the guitar and it hit me EMBRACED MUSIC. That’s it. I didn’t think any more about it till I registered the name as my business and had released two CD’s under it.Technology being what it is today it has allowed a guy like me and several thousand other musicians around the globe to create from home and record at home. We no longer have to get down on our hands and knee’s and beg to have a record deal and use a really fancy recording studio. We can do it ourselves. No dead line. No pressure. The only pressure we have is the pressure we apply to ourselves and our level of professional integrity that goes into the music.  So when you have a product what happens? Well for starters you sell it at gig’s to keep the wife happy and bring in some dollars for the duplicating costs that can be expensive. What is the reward from all of that? Having some one who has bought your CD come to a gig and sit up close and listen to you play and you watch them sing the song with you. That’s incredible. Then you know they actually took the time to listen and take in what you had to say. How cool is that!?! In my travels from being a Brick layer, Type Setter, Steel Mill Worker and Photographer I have always …..ALWAYS come back to music. It’s always been there for me. My guitar has been a great friend, confidant, mistress and some one I could dream out loud with since I was nine years old. I want to thank Martin and NEXTBIGTHING for playing my songs and letting you hear how much I love doing……just that…….playing my guitar. The internet has brought the whole world into mine and your houses and computers for you to relish the delicious plethora of different styles and taste’s that music has to offer. It’s a fantastic tool and I intend to use it for all its worth. (grins) In the coming years I can see myself creating music from home, touring and teaching people how to get the most out of their guitars and photography. I have reached a wonderful time in my life when I can LET EVERYTHING I LOVE, BE EVERYTHING I DO. That’s the key good people, find something you love and be really good at it , then its not a “job” it’s a passion.If you would like to see some of my web sites then follow the address’s listed here. I have written a novel and started writing my second one and have four CD’s to my credit of original material and continue to draw of what life has to offer from the way this crazy world is going. Love to hear from you soon so join any of my sites and stay in touch, be   well and happy. Yours Respectfully and Sincerely  Glenn Brace In AustraliaVIVA INDEPENDENT MUSIC!!!! 

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