The NBT Music Columns: The Marketing Machine vs The Music

686586548_s.jpg Some thoughtful angry fiery words from true independent singer/artist JESSICA JOHNSON  

 So, I was just checking my email and I see this thing about some contest for best song of the year, and for the first time I felt like the shit sounded sooooooooo lame. Best song of the year? Right. I don’t know if I’ve just experienced enough bs that I’ve become really impatient or what, but all these gay little *we want to make you a star* contests strike me as so stupid. They’re trying to find the best song as much as American Idol is trying to find the best singer. Say it with me now…..HA! It’s my opinion that the music industry has nothing to do with music right now. It’s just one big marketing machine. Take for example the 20,000 “friends” on my page. Are all 20,000 of these people really fans? Hells no! They prob just added me b/c they wanted to get their numbers up, just like me. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does go to show that it’s all about marketing and creating an illusion to be perceived as reality. (Ever heard the saying “perception is reality”?) I know how it goes. It’s not about finding talent, it’s not about nurturing potential. It’s about slapping a label and a barcode on a cd and shoving it in the public’s face and saying :Listen to this! Buy this! This is what’s hot! Screw that. if you all find an artist you like…or even a song you like, BUY IT. It doen’t matter if it’s an indie or a major. Don’t just buy something because everyone else is….that’s lame. Don’t go downloading it for free. Don’t go burn it off a friend. Don’t do any of that cheap retarded shit. If you appreciate the artist and their music, PROVE IT. Maybe one day this industry will get back on it’s feet and remember the music……but I’m not holding my breath.

4 responses to “The NBT Music Columns: The Marketing Machine vs The Music

  1. I’ve been in this business for about 12 years. The first 5 or 6 years were spent ‘networking’ and the last few have been spent with an indie label in my area (BIG LET DOWN) They’ve done NOTHING for me. No radio airtime, no promotional tour…NOTHING. Worse, I’ve been ‘pushing’ this ‘machine’ by myself and trying to create a ‘buzz’ myself, booking ‘myself’ managing ‘myself’ and promoting ‘myself’ which pretty much gets me NOWHERE. I’ve been told $12.99 is too much for an artists hard work, creativity and effort. I’ve done contests for ‘Song of the Year’, band battles, music fests…you name it, all in the name ‘passion’ for my music and getting the word ‘out there’. You are correct in that the music industry is pretty much a joke at this point, not just from my small point of view, but in the larger picture itself. This business has lost it’s heart and soul for what’s good and creative. Look at Brittany Spears…she can BARELY sing, it’s all about selling SEX, not TALENT. Take Emmy Lou Harris, for example. She’s not what you would call ‘drop-dead-sexy’, never has been, but her talent and creativity has gotten her where she is today. They just don’t make them like that anymore and it’s a real shame. Kudos to you, Jessica for speaking your mind and saying what’s TRUE rather than what everyone out there wants to hear. This business is HARD and we as artists are GREATLY underrated. Our Work ethic is ‘off the charts’ so to speak and we are highly unappreciated for what we do and for what effort and value we place into our craft. Keep the passion. -Kat Criswell

  2. Jess, you’re talking right, as usual. Despite I’m not your 20001st “friend” now, but I still is your friend since I’ve closed my Space account 1,5 years ago.

    Btw, I guess “independent” is good point for marketing as well 🙂

  3. I agree it’s all wrong and misunderstood, from the moment we call it “the music business”. We musicians know that it isn’t about music. Music reveals itself the center of it all in other circumstances, much different from “Britney”.
    I just regret that the public does think that music is about that.
    Anyway, there are different kinds of music: There’s ART, that trascends, and there’s american idol and all that, that has no soul, and which no one will remember in a year or two.
    When someone’s really good, people notice it anyway. Hard workers get their pay, at least in the end, and then it’s all worth it, so let’s NOT SURRENDER FOLKS!!!!!!

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