The NBT Music Columns : The State Of Music


More thoughts from true Independent Singer/Songwriter Jessica Johnson.

 The music business will always thrive simply b/c of every human being’s desire and need to emotionally release and connect.  I have no fears about where the industry is headed and how it will thrive.  It’s just a matter of the who and what.  Major labels?  Independent Labels?  Major Artists?  Independent Artists?  Probably a little bit of both.

  If major labels (like Sony/BMG) are the Exxon/Mobils of the music world then I certainly don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.  If indies act as the A&R and development division and the majors act as the M&P division…well then that seems pretty harmonious, don’t you think?  So maybe you’re thinking…distribution, hello?  Yeah, it’s called the digital age of downloads.  Even major retailers are beginning to realize the gradual extinction of the compact disc and therefore allocating less floor space to be devoted to them.  Why on earth would anyone want to haggle with crowds, physically search through a massive collage of cd covers, only to have to wait in line?  Now that I’ve broken it down, it sounds so crazy.  iTunes, Napster, Yahoo!….you just point and click.  Beautiful.  

I think the future of music is solid.  Actually, I know the future of music is solid.  The more drama in the world, the more there is to write about and the more people need an escape from reality.  I just wonder what it will sound like and who will survive.  Now that music has been put more directly into the hands of the consumer due to endless exposure of artists via the internet, I wonder if we will start hearing a change in the quality.  More substance, less subpar.  I wonder.  I think there will definitely be a “revolution” of sorts.  I just wonder who will be left standing and who will be newly appointed. 

I think this is a very exciting time in music. 

One response to “The NBT Music Columns : The State Of Music

  1. i love the hope in this. And i agree, there IS a revolution happening and Artists such as yourself are right there in the frontline of the indie battlefields.

    It wont be an easy revolution, and the fact that it will be played in the cyberspace of the internet will make it hard.

    there will be a lot of temptation from those giant companies you spoke about to manipulate this world like never before, they know that a lot of people are lazy and will buy/listen to whatever hits the ”front page” of a site. and the easier the majors make it to NOT look for new music, of course the more difficult for new artists.

    Also if all music is reduced to just the ‘single’ (something that is happening already, just look at albumns by nelly furtado which seem to be a collection of future singles) will music become carefully packaged to only make the hitparade that week and have no depth ?

    the answer to all that of course is NOT IF WE DONT LET IT HAPPEN.

    and here is the most exciting thing. with podcasts, internet radio, and pro active artists, the music with longevity and depth will get there.

    The majors biggest flaw is that they believe that the listener out there is just a not very bright sheep who will buy songs like they buy washing powder or milk.

    what the reality is, is that people can take stuff made that has too much thought and no soul for only so long, then their hearts DEMAND music that moves them.

    and its up to us the indie artists and podcasters and web managers to make sure THAT music, the IMPORTANT music gets heard.

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