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The Man of the Night 

An Interview with Guy David of Night Guy Podcast


After starting with an electronic music podcast in Hebrew, The Night Guy found a desire to expand his audience and chat about his life a little; thus in January 2007 – despite a brief delay of the intended launch – the first English episode of The Night Guy podcast aired.  The debut was part musical and part autobiographical, and in August of 2007 the format expanded to Night Guy Electronic and Night Guy Rock.  Today we sat down with Guy David, the broadcasting guru behind the Night Guy podcast series.    

 T: We recently spoke with Anji Bee, who is both musician and podcaster, just as yourself, tell us a little about you music and also if you see the dual role of podcaster/musician as an emerging trend?  

G:  I think allot of musicians are discovering the podcasting media as a means of promoting their music. That’s how I started back in March 2006 with my first podcast, The 16th. I think both podcasts as a media and music have allot in common. They have many parallels  in structuring and the amount of creativity that goes into them. That might be the reason that so many musicians are drawn into podcasting lately.

T:  Do you play your own tunes on your podcasts?


G:  On The 16th I play my own tunes. That’s what this podcast is about really, my own music. On the Night Guy podcast I played my tunes on the first episodes since I was talking about my life, and some tunes where relevant to what I was saying. I also try to match other music to what I’m talking about. I currently focus more on other people’s music since there are so many great musicians who should be heard, and I want to help out any way I can. I also want to celebrate my love of music by playing the music that I like, and I happen to like the music of independent artists more then the corporate record companies driven junk.

T:  What got you involved in second life and what benefits do you see in it as a form of social media?


G:  I came into SL out of curiosity, then I discovered there’s a thriving art community in SL. I’m a digital artist as well as a musician and a podcaster, and I discovered it was really easy to open a virtual art gallery in SL, so at first I tried to use it as a means of promoting my art. Later, when I got more involved in podcasting, I discovered there are many podcasters hanging around in SL. Since I live in Israel, it’s the closest thing I have to meeting them, so I started hanging out on Podcaster Island and Podshow Island and lately on Edloe and Nowhereville where most of my podcasting friends hang out. I’m also planning on performing my own music in SL partly using a stream and partly using virtual music statues I created especially for this. Music has been one of the most exiting things to come into Second Life. Where else would I be able to see Lovespirals live? There are no geographical limits anymore, only time zone limits.


T:  Any other forms of emerging social media/social networking your  involved with that our readers may not be hip to yet?


G:  I guess I pretty much go to the same places everyone goes. I have a MySpace page, a FaceBook page and I also Twitter allot. Social networking is about communicating with other people, so I just hang out where everyone is. I see no point in hanging out in a virtual empty room 😉

 T:  What advice would you have for an aspiring podcaster in building listenership?
G:  Podcasting is a community. Collaborate. Find podcasters that are going your way, doing things that are either close to what you’re doing or things that you find interesting. Take The Chillcast with Anji Bee for example. One of the first podcasts I listened to is Dave’s Lounge, and they did this thing where they switched for one episode, Anji did a Dave’s Lounge episode while Dave did The Chillcast. That’s how I found out about The Chillcast. Now I listen to both regularly.  Find innovative ways of collaborating with other podcasters, and people would have a better chance of hearing about you. I’ve been a consistent participant on the 100 Words Stories podcast’s Weekly Challenge (, and I know that not only some of my listeners come from there, but also some people I now consider friends came from this.

T:  What’s next for Night Guy? 

G:  The Night Guy podcasts are now in hiatuses. I’ve been developing a new comedy podcast in Hebrew, so I took some time off to do this. When they return in mid March, there would be some changes in them. Night Guy Electronica is going to be based on the playlists from my old Hebrew podcast for now, while the scope of Night Guy Under The Rock is going to grow and include more music genres. On Night Guy I’ll be focusing more on interviews, short stories and essays about the future. I’ve been fascinated about some of the developments I’ve been reading about in the fields of Nanotechnology (building machines on molecular scale) and Claytronics (matter that can be shaped in the real world the way CG graphics shapes virtual matter on a computer), and I want to talk about how those things would affect our lives in the near future.


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