Kidzlikedanny2 Launched

The charity ‘Kidzlikedanny’ was formed in January 1997. It was started by Lin and Dave Lloyd, parents of Daniel Lloyd with the help of brothers Matt Tyler (Matthew Lloyd) and Jacob Lloyd. Daniel was born on the 2nd of December 1987 at City Hospital, Birmingham, and is autistic.

A total of over £1600.00 ($3200.00) has been raised by the Kidzlikedanny charity so far. Organisations who have benefited from KLD are Baskerville Special School (Birmingham), Gorse Farm Residential Home (Marston Green), Uffculme Special School (Birmingham), Longmoor Special School, The Pines, The Birmingham Centre For Arts and Therapies, and The Northern Support Group, Poplars Residential Home and many more…..

The money is used to purchase specialised equipment or items not covered in the school or organisations normal budget. Sometimes the money is used to fund trips out, for families with autistic children. The cost of these days out can be quite expensive, as much manpower is very often needed.

Most recently “Kidzlikedanny” has turned its hand to CD’s and Digital downloads to generate funds. All releases are on Dannyboy Records.

Last years effort Kidzlikedanny (1), is on sale at all good digital music stores including iTunes, Napster, eMusic etc…

All arists on the CD’s donate a track and all its proceeds from the CD sales and digital sales to the Kidzlikedanny funds. Kidzlikedanny (1) acts featured were Jacob Lloyd, Scorched Earth, Subrosa, Motorcycle Stunts, Hey Pablo, Rozagy, Blue Nation, Hoden Lane, Matt Tyler, Satchel Blue, Apollo, Voices In The Fog, Karl Bayley, David Garside, Amoa, Angels Exist.

The follow up release “Kidzlikedanny 2” has just been released (March 2008). The line up this time (Aaron Yorke, Cracked Actors, Caroline 7, Crisis Blues Band, Everett, Ian Babington, The Kidzlikedanny Choir, Kristy Gallacher, Matt Geary, Mavoxor, Onion Child, Quill, Raging Angel and Raymond Froggatt.

Every track downloaded makes a difference as 0.79p ($1.58) goes straight into the Kidzlikedanny fund from every song purchased!

Without the support of many fantastic friends and family, KLD would not be able to help support organisations, whose aim it is to make autistic children’s lives as happy and fulfilling as possible.

Kidzlikedanny 1 and 2 can be found on all good digital music stores worldwide including iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Amazon, 7 Digital etc….

Itunes link for Kidzlikedanny 2:

For info or queries email at:

or or phone 07847 340 664.

More info can be found about the albums (Kidzlikedanny 1 and 2) at

Dannyboy Records Myspace can be found here:

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