The NBT Review 7

Thin – The Histrioniks (CatErratic Records)




 The thrill of the melodic Jagged.


This is a collection of wonderful contradictions. The shivering darkness within wrapped in the warmth of sunlight on a colourful ice-cream wrapper strewn boardwalk.

The Drama Queen struts cloaked in subtle distortion and reverb, an almost blur of smiles and sways, pop songs for the happily nervous.

Then the Title Track. A tale of self-destruction perhaps, inviting us to join in rather than look away. A nightmare that comforts as it dismays.

This is Blondie daring To be fragile.

Then the sunlight fades and in ‘Too Black’ we are taken into twisted fairy tale witch mood, naked memory, slinking obsession, the storm isn’t too far from breaking.

Musically there are hints of new wave flirting with punk fucking the darkest parts of acid folk.

Harmony and Discord, catchy as wicked grins.

Hold hands and join the circle of ‘Miss’ there is magic reflected, refracted, all is not what it seems.

Oh the Thrill.

Like the very best of The Throwing Muses, this is a box of breakdown and release, of the personal and the hidden, thrown together and POP-musically Bound.



Now I Know (EP) – Lin McEwan  (Independent Release)


This three song set starts with a simple piano and voice creation of regret. In ‘Rest Of Me’ strength and passion and determination do not save the singer, from the fragile realisation that something is missing. It is a beautifully honest song that never succumbs to self pity or even anger. So even in the sadness, this self-knowledge brings hope.

We move on to ‘Feel’ powerful and warm, strings and drums building on keyboards, a total pop classic in the making.

Finally we have the title track which raises the soulful ghosts of Billy Joel and Carol King recordings and introduces a swagger that charms and hints at earthier things to come.


Hear more from these recordings on the 11th July episode of the NBT Podcast



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