The NBT Review 10


Ice – Liam Live (Independent Recording)


This starts as it means to go on, with a wonderful dramatic flair added to spiky soul electronica, Pure crafted pop that even the Timberlakes and Timbalands of this music universe will sit up and take notes.


Liam seems to have found one of the secrets to creating radio hits that will stick with the listener long after the show or the CD has been played. A subtle feel for the power WITHIN the song itself, letting the structure of the composition seduce (as in the tune ‘Amazing’) and allowing a bitter-sweet tension hold our attention.


Equally at home with slow burning ballads and thrilling dance swing, It is the simple keyboards and voice and shear belief in himself and his music that keeps the album shooting out delightful surprises.


Stand out track for me is ` The Light` a song of hope and I think, the perfect soundtrack to couples falling in love, perhaps catching Liam `LIVE` and using the song to stitch their new born romance fast together forever.


Beautiful songs that don’t feel the need to force themselves upon us to impress.


A winner.


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Love Is My Language – Aquamanda (Fairy Cake Universe)


A delicate mix of trip hop , acid jazz and ambient folk, this is a drifting, floating, flying dream of a collection.


Autumn makes love to Spring, there are shy giggles and knowing vocal strokes, as they tumble though the calm fluid electronic dawn, even the Sun holds its harshness back, letting this Aquamanda world breath eternal in the dawn.


This is a world of whistles and orchestra, a world of a voice that is almost too personal, but always rather seductive. Never sleazy always sensual, it is a world where heartbreak has been vanquished but still remembered with a careful respect, a world of hope and the calmness of tommorrow.


A world Full of nature and its sounds BUT never in awe of it. One of the most peaceful recordings coming my way this year.


Find this world at


One response to “The NBT Review 10

  1. hey thanks! so nice to have a rather lovely and an almost poetical review in itself, plus it’s good to get another persons take on it all as obviously I’m too close to the music myself! LOVE Aquamanda X

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