The NBT Review 12

Feral Children reviewed by Martin Smit

The Silent Treatment reviewed by William Elliot

The Feral Children EP –Feral Children (Sarathan Records)

Some bands make music that seems to have been inside you since the first party you ever got wild and crazy at. Some bands make music that seem to be living in the very soul of your very first grinning pogo,

 your very first jump in the dangerous cold river,

 your very first sunrise with a beautiful girl.

Some bands thrill you from the first chord; continue to thrill you from the gulping chorus to the gleefully sneering guitar and the Pow! Kapow ! attack of the perfectly formed pop monster.

This EP is something you wish you could keep a secret, something to cherish and love and burn away into dark nights, songs to write songs about, and songs to make new rock n rollers out of you.

This EP is something you want to keep a secret but you know you won’t. You will play it to your girl and play it to that cool guy who stands posing against the nightclub wall, this EP makes you instantly feel cool, alive with infinite possibilities.

A tiny glowing rumpled masterpiece.

Sinful Acts Of Audio – The Silent Treatment (Eschelon Records)

This glittering prize takes the polished pop of several decades, the soundtracks of the 70s suburbs, the 80s MTV fragile innocence, the 90s love the newer new wave, and in this bold new century, the love of robotic funk and polished grooves, gives it a solid shaking mix-up and slides it down, into a collection of songs that stay honest and reach for the charts at the same time.

This album has a sleek and honest crossover appeal, in its way it is perfectly timeless but also very much of the Now.

One can imagine, while hearing this a few albums and years later, with slightly less polish and rougher edges a supergroup of Linkin Park proportions. This however will keep many listeners happy and dancing till that future arrives.

An excellent beginning , and a band to watch.

You can buy this album here

You can hear tracks from both albums on this week’s podcast here

One response to “The NBT Review 12

  1. Hey Martin,

    thanks for the awesome review of the Feral Children EP. If you don’t have the full length, I can send you a copy. Shoot me an email (chris at sarathan dot com).


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