The NBT Review 19 Part Two


Broken Symmetries – Peter Greenstone (independent release)

From Nothing the sounds of the soul journey fade in and out. This music has the pull the mood, the heaviness and the ancient thoughtfulness of the ever shifting sighing tragic dreaming of the ocean. Subdivide swirls and builds, from an almost weary question then making/taking beautiful drama from the otherness of the mathematics that keeps the world glued together.

Iridium Flare talks of space, time and gentle deception, is this a scientist with a broken heart? A cowboy who fell in love with science?

These stories, these mysteries, these elegant intricate songs make magic of sparks and flutters, of the love of buildings for the empty open spaces of wilder forgotten times.

These are mood poems that dare to be intelligent, they are equations structured with sadness and longing.

There is no detachment here though, the sheer quiet deep passion of these very personal notes from an artist, seep through every piano note and orchestral sigh.

Any listener, who is not touched, captivated by the lovely lonely ‘Emmet’ has a heart of stone.

I fell in love with this recording, these songs.

Buy this album and much more at the artist’s website


Tabula Rasa EP – OurAfter (Independent Release)

John Phillips started this turbulent year by writing a blog for NBT about the independent music scene in Pennsylvania, a rare text of promise and optimism and now his band finishes the year with the release of a five song EP that seeks out new sounds while keeping what worked so well in their previous release.

‘Push The Pill’ opens the set and balances an intimate vocal against a swooping heavy power chord structure, never losing touch with the melodic heart of the thing.

The EP is full of pure pop moments, allowing rough edges to slide into the perfect polish, injecting tinges of darker edgier rhythms from indie grunge influences (Envious Eyes) to  the more anthem like sounds of ‘Echo’ that recall Joshua Tree period U2.

The band talks of  a ‘mainstream crossover,’ with this EP, and in the creation of these songs have set their sights high, high in the charts of the indie playlists, on the radios and podcasts across the world.

With a set of memorable melodies and crafted thoughtful production, Tabula Rasa should find their dreams coming true.

Find out more here


Hear  Tracks from both of these albums on the NBT podcast going out on the 28th Nov


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