The NBT Review 23


The Skeleton Crew Diaries – Memphis Reigns and D-Mitch (featuring Hypoetical)

(Downwrite Records)


There is something beautiful and audacious about this beast before us. Like a still humming, ticking giant truck parked strange and solitary on a forgotten highway, or an abandoned warehouse, playing mystifying with light and shadow, this collection seems to have always been there, yet is new and startling for every listen.

No Urban clichés here, rather the creation of an uneasy shimmering atmosphere from the first sound out of the speakers and we are indeed deep in the city with no name.  This is a dark place full of scintillating orchestral sighs edging us on to dangerous thoughts with a fluid groove.

We are pulled into, down deep into, jazz clubs lined with mirrors, skewing reflections hazily, there is magic in this misdirection, this smoky dance.

Hypoetical pounds  against the bass cautionary, in ‘Postscript To Mars ‘ subtle distortion slinks against flutes and  the speakers flicker with sweet dread.

This is hipHop or Rap or left of centre rock that dares to be thoughtful while bewitching, slightly crazy yet seductive.

You can get this album free from the internet and you would be a fool not to.


So Shush – So Shush (independent release)

Flushed and fevered this recalls the brittle angelic shoe gaze PoP of not too long ago, when the charts were spikier, edgier.

The ghosts of Lush, haunt the beat here, then leave the band to create their own individualistic brand of ragged dreaming.

This is no retro wanting; no desire to copy what went on before, but a new slant on a still vibrant indie noise.

Stand out track for this reviewer is ‘People Need Something’ which has the wounded cool of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ and the fragile noise of perhaps a St Etienne vinyl. Full of shadowy hooks, this gets nicely under the (soul)skin.

Not quite working but worth mentioning because of its brave intentions, `Lucid Dreamer`’ then leaves the pop world and dials up the keyboard madness of 70s prog, shape shifting abruptly into something almost Folk, but of an alternative reality.

Well worth downloading these tunes are available all over the web

Go to for links.

Memphis Reigns and D-Mitch are featured on this weeks NBT podcast

And So Shush will be featured this coming Friday


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