The NBT Review 32


Barbara Gilles Favoriti Quartet – Barbara Gilles Favoriti Quartet (independent release)

This is not a review this is a Quest.

How do I capture the essence of this music?

Do I wait till the sky grows stormy, so that the light is strangely refracted, sharp and pulsing? Closing all the windows so that the traffic battle cries diminish?

Then play the music loud.

Then in the hush after the 5th track has concluded, I listen to the echo, the ghosts still dancing, asking.

Merry now, thoughtful now.


Do I take the earth brown square, that enfolds this music, walk the midnight streets, until I find a basement of old men, wounded artists, casual drinkers and sped up ravers, do I demand this music be played in the battered CD player behind the bar, and sit back and watch…

I watch an old ravaged man, wasted elegant, waltz strange with a boneless fluid jazz Lady.

I watch the hip click their fingers like they saw French movie stars do.

I watch the lonely caress the dew upon their tall glasses, connecting with the fragile of the new song.

I watch strangers ask other strangers to dance.


Do I siphon the juice from this recording into my pocket player, catch a bus, train, crowded anything, watch the harsh normal unfold, as the dreamlike sighs from my too tiny earphones.

Then I realize that the essence of this music is that it is a portal.

Away from HERE.

An escape. A rescue, a sometimes sly often sensual deliverance, almost 22 minutes of beauty.

Begin YOUR quest here:

Catch songs from this EP here (and in many other NBT shows)

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