The NBT Review 34


BQEP – The Bloodsugars (EngineRoom Recordings)

The song glides into focus, shivery buildup then POW, a PoPManAngel floats, no, swoops down, grabs us, and now we fly, now dance in this cool indie heaven. This wicked angel sings of the Quiet of Space and we find ourselves slow dancing beneath glitter ball sparkleStars.

This then is the single, ‘’Purpose Was Again.’’

Then guilty pleasures taken, with 80s keyboard kisses, the melody flirts but the lyrics are sharp, anger wrapped in sweet shy hooks.

Cinderella drum driven, chart song tensionNfrenzy recalling  the days when MTV, showed shy daughters sway and strut with lines of highly choreographed boys behind them.

Polished and shiny sure, a gentle post punk song-craft here, allowing the harmonic dangerous to slip through, ripples of disturbance, softly softly maybe, but these songs are not fragile things.

Get your sugar high here

She’s Like A British Car – The Thromboes (CatErratic Records)

Oh its back to the garage, and just in time too, its dirty delightful here, oil stain glamour, spare part rough slinky raw rock squeezed into 3 minute nuggets.

Its Iggy meets the Yardbirds picking a fight with those freaky Monks (ironically a copy of ‘Black Monk Time’ >from 1966> fell into my hands about the same time I received ‘British car’.) Its twisted and sneering, the Troggs watching the Kingsmen, SLOUCHING around, waiting around for Punk to hit them hard.

Every tune makes you want to do that strange shuffle, where the body hardly moves but is full of poetic slinky menace.

This is music made by handsome savages sound tracking wry  17 year olds, on their brand new adventures.

This is ancient voodoo messy unapologetic , it is the return of the Junk and the Jive.

Get hooked here

Hear both these bands on this upcoming podcast Friday 12 June


The NBT Review 33


The Color Of Sunshine – Lawrence Blatt (LMB Music)

What instruments were played, who played them, who produced this collection, (Grammy award winner and Windham Hill founder, William Ackerman as it happens) are all technical facts that can be found on websites and on the CD cover, and need not concern us.

We are here for the journey.

Gliding across the oceans, the deserts, we slide in and out of the reflections, the shadows, the moods, the mystical yet unpretentious expressway of colour that starts in the chaos of the sun and learns to be beautiful, scary and gentle by the time it hits our Earth.

Blatt, in his music, reveals a simple secret, Nature can be harsh, can be fragile, can destroy and create, but it is never evil, never petty. The smallest sparkles of light, the unseen rhythms played out on the edge of the spectrum, have an internal grandeur, an incorruptible dignity.

His tunes seek out the honest soul of the landscape.

Travel with him.


Ermine EP – Marilyn Roxie (independent release)

The songs come at me random, sometimes slouching, sometimes deceptive sweet, cruel child ballerina tiptoe.

So I get the first last, ===(!) ,  I am swooshed into childhood, dropped in the centre of the harum-scarum bliss of the amusement park, many shiny things grinning their come on, come on, step inside, all sparkle, all devious, all yummy.

Then an epic escape is promised, the vision willfully snatched away as it implodes, the air is thin here, can hardly breathe, nice to float (also: clever this, an entire Harold Budd album in just over 2 minutes)

People say this is cold, oh damn, people just don’t know what they are talking about.

Not a violin, IS a hymn, has desires, has such longing, self destructs with a sigh and a question.


The voices within the downward swirl, this lovely storm fragmented sampled, saved.

The voices again, another place another heat, a certain time, still trapped though. Her sunset does not soothe, but is easy to love.

Both these artists will be heard on this upcoming NBT podcast Friday 12th June