The NBT Review 40


Barely Exposed – Grindhouse (Droolboy Productions)

Brightly glowing machine gun splatter and squelch counterpoint sounds from some wicked exotic elsewhere nightclub of the senses. The girl swims among the clitter clatter drumming, sings, ‘’Life is not so ordinary,’’ indeed.

This is twisted bubblegum, pulled out into quirky shapes, bleeding dark red beneath the plastic manipulations, a futureShock dance club as imagined by time-travelers from the 80s, their eyeliner smudged with true tears, their lipstick smeared hard against the cold glass of now.

Cold hearted telephones, jittery machines, syncopated sighs, often slide into the swing forward march of the grind house, bringing feathery fear and nervous delight along with frantic little stops, stop-motion, stop-starts.


Then start all over again.

Then a curveball, a teenage ballad almost, something to show off with her first necklace, first small earring, sometimes it seems the rain is always here, see how it makes everything shine so.

This is euro electronica filtered thru American new wave carried with care by rough souls who are learning to twist and fly, who are hoping to find out, if the clouds are really candy floss sticky.

Make your own decisions

Puppetbox – Puppetbox (Independent Release)

The PowerPunks met the New Wave at the high school prom, the pretty keyboard (in her best dress) asked the Guitar for a dance. He put down his bottle of beer and gave her this hectic twirl. And as the bass and the drum stomped along, it was, love at very 1st sight.

This is the Cars zoomed into the new century, the sly children of (before) Kiss and (tomorrow’s) Killers. It is also a document of a time that is already changing, warping, melting in front of our very eyes as the Puppets make a new box of sounds.

Which leads us to

Runtime Error – Puppetbox  (Independent Release)

The puppets grow up, discover the sensual and discover the darkness. Their parties are louder, the chaos is gentle with hints of horror film glee. The puppets still want you to dance, they want you up against the wall wide mirror, reflected and distorted at the same time.

There are howls in the verses now, the rolling thunder is sped up and coughed out, the lightning illuminates and ambiguously camouflages. Those wicked old uncles from Kraftwerk have paid a visit all the way from Germany and in Triple Down made themselves totally at home.

The box is still full of hooks though, gleamy shiny bright hooks, making sure the songs attach themselves to the charts in our hearts and never ever leave go.

And still the puppets mutate, listen out ask for, the Disco Riot demo and find out for yourselves

hear trax from both of these bands on the NBT Dark electric podcast going out slightly later than planned this Tuesday 15th Sept 09.

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