The NBT Review 44

wordpressreview 44

Jebediah Goodthrust – Jebediah Goodthrust (Choose To Lose Music)

Ashes Of Bridges – The Hit & Mrs. (Choose To Lose Music)

The lonely souls take a darker path and the mystery figure heard on demos and 4 track gifts comes into slightly sharper focus.

So ok let’s take Goodthrust for the moment. Oh the boy/man sure dances weird, it’s like the ghost of Buddy Holly has discovered distortion and spent the afterlife catching up on Bob Mould’s career. Sometimes you have popBoys, kinda clean and neatly beardy trimmed, emotional and polite, (where did these nice kids get their tattoos?) sometimes you have the scrawl of letters and surges on the back of a glossy magazine, an escape in the turmoil if you will, and those popBoys I mentioned slink away un-noticed and (yay) unloved.  It’s the time of that weird dancer and his deconstruction of country and chart tunes.

Cap in hand we say good evening to the Hit and Mrs, asking quietly why the apprehension? We are told it’s coming on cold, cold days and we notice that while the tunes are almost folk-rock nostalgic, the themes drift into more uncomfortable areas, one is reminded of that old 50s movie about the boy swimming out there in the middle of the lake, losing energy, a woman watching him sink, some beauty in the fear.

Glancing back at Jebediah, he seems to have aged slightly, lost the Holly glasses that’s for sure, and the way he holds that guitar, why mother its almost sexual, this isn’t pop this is alternative the very American lo-fi simple, small town boy self release hand printed sleeves alternative, singing honest to the fortunate few, Friday night aint ever gonna die.

We follow the Hit and Mrs into another room, a family room where stories are sung, intricate sketches of places and faces. Slipping into the not too safe thoughts of volatile wallflowers, we are taken back to Murmer era REM, and I for one love this sinking into the murk, and shadows.

Simply put

 The Goodthrust is dirty delightful

The Hit and Mrs is something that slinks in and quietly chats to the heart and soul. And for my money the best thing the Heise Brothers have done in ANY of their disguises.

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One response to “The NBT Review 44

  1. Wow, thank you. It’s wonderful hearing feedback like this. Nelly put out a great album and I am as proud of the Hit and Mrs. as I am of anything we’ve done. I’m just glad to hear someone actually listening. I’d like to be the hero (preferably Dean or Brando) in that fifties movie you mentioned, but it’s nice being Nelly’s little brother all the same. I always cheer for the kink and the weird dancer.

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