The NBT Review 54

Across The Atlantic – Sarah MacDougall (Copperspine Records)

Her voice on the radio, the only companion in the loneliness of the long distance night. She tells of the girl and the train and when the song transforms, enfolds into its self then shudders sweetly outward, then the girl is her, the girl is us. WE now jump into this adventure. It is delicious the way her voice strolls slow, even hesitant, as the music rambles along jolly clitter-clattering down the tracks.

The theme of moving, out, away, stays with us. Here is a song for a hitchhiker standing in that wondrous painful delicate quiet, that elastic time between the departure of the last kind car, and the arrival of the next headlights of some new hope.

Her world is full of dishonest romantics who have love on their side anyway, and strong protectors who find their strength in the ones they rescue. Her world is not in black or white and certainly not grey, it is in the colour of mist and running water and twilight and whispers.

Stand out track for this listener is the beautiful title ballad. Home is where the heart is, sometimes… not always… sometimes your heart stays, ‘Across The Atlantic.’

The arrangements, the production of these 10 songs, keep them swaying from clear alt country, into sharp focus pop, and back into atmospheric roots rock, never muddy, never lazy, instrumental voices often slyly shyly fading in, twisting the girl here then there, never distracting from the sound of the TRIO, this is after all their music and they delight in sharing it.

You can hear tracks from this album in April on the NBT Podcast

Lyrics from Across The Atlantic featured on the NBT Portal website

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