The NBt Review 56

13 Songs – Lonnie Kjer and Stefan Mork (independent release)

The camera pans across the room and then zooms in, slow steady, almost threatening in its advance, zooms in till centre shot we have the sensual bass, and we feel the elegant strum and swoon and though the song has been there always, now, truly the soundtrack has begun.

The singer takes our hand and says in art and thoughts we could escape. This is a wry smile of a possibility because the song paints the fire and its attractive captured dancers oh so well.

They sing in sweet harmony, they sing of couples drifting OUT from harmony, this is the secret; that sadness of the lonely never sounded so heavenly when created as a duo. One sigh begins as another breath is taken and we the listener become complicit in their fragile undertaking.

There is ambiguity and shadow within these songs, take Invisible Man for instance, is this a spurned lover talking or a brother or even a son, or, as it seems to me, a delicate disturbing mix of all three?  Then there is the quiet satire of a Helpful Man, a story a tune that rings oh so true, of desire taken to a tragic yet happy (in a twisted way oh yes) conclusion.

In these relationships there is a tangled push and pull, the actors the characters, want this, need that and seldom are the two ever the same thing. They fumble with the light and make more shadows than answers, but the joy is in the singers trying to catch the soul of these puzzles, these ragged hesitations that we all commit.

This is a graceful collection of stories of the lost, the wounded and the (hopeful forever) seekers.

Hear tracks from this album on the NBT Podcast going out on the 1st April

Also in April read more about the artists and their music on the NBT Portal website

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