The NBT Review 62

Cheese People –Cheese People (Independent Release)

The Cheese People play squelchy messy oh so colourful bang-shang-a-lang party music for the soon to be Happycrazy.

They make dance music that giggles and pogos, a sort of sped up burlesque, noisy free melodic, their creations BOUNCE!

The vocals are quirky call and response things, strongly sexy, femme active, mischievous and sly all the boys in the room want to be led this dangerous shuffle, all the girls wanna learn the words and sing and strut along.

Even when slightly slower the tunes throb with disco bass and slinky twisted guitar lines, these people are fizz-pop naturals. Day-Glo Indie pop saviors from the greyest shadows.

Theirs is a cartoon funk, sometimes very 70s swirly ice-cream, often a NOW brash concoction shiver inducing bubblegum alternative. Their instrumentals leave you goofy wide eyed and breathless, their tunes demand you wake up and get ever so slightly warped.

The final track a remix of their feisty tune  ‘Ua-A-A!’ shows a path that could lead them into every daring nightclub in the world. And then we hear that their next collection will be acoustic! The adventure continues.

Open the door and step into their perilous celebration, LET GO

Go wild.

It’s worth it.

Cheese People is the featured album this month on the NBT Portal webpage

And are featured tooOn the Upcoming relaunch of the NBT Dark Electric Podcast on the 18th June 2010

Before that tho, they will be played on our flagship Podcast on the 27th May 2010

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