The NBT Review 83

Oceanus – Small City Calling (Independent Release)

Ease into the dramatic, a gentle conflict between the electronic shuffle and a soundtrack to some inscrutable silent movie or subliminal fantasy. This opening allows us to float into the set.

So away we go, with an almost jazz feel, a buoyant bubble drift, with the vocals mixed down into the journey as the song flickers into focus, into life, becomes a modern pop song for the daring daydreamer.

 The songs take their own time, follow their own logic, reward the listener with layers embedded in layers, sparking off each other as the surge continues.

This set is earphone music, is almost a private thing, a lock the doors and unplug the phone, give your self into it communion.

Slyly the castaways get you to dance, something you never expected, but this is the opposite of frantic or forced, this dance is the natural jive, the thinkers take the romantics hand and cavort shy, as the tunes glimmer and glow.

The band though, is not afraid to sketch the storm, the contained fury of the ocean either, its just they do it with the calm of the story teller, the survivor, showing a restraint and skill that groups twice their age can still not manage.

This EP is a subtle and delicate delight, with dark forces boiling under the surface, and this band immediately makes the listener want to know, HAVE to know, what they will do next.

Find out more here

Hear Tracks from this set on the NBT Podcast going out on the 24th August 2010

If you use Internet Explorer you can stream snippets of a couple of the Tunes here


  (After the intro Click on the ‘#Just want to look around# text it will take u thru to next page)

   A chart made up from browsers rating and listening to the song streams can be found here:


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