The NBT Review 99

Marco Mahler –Design in Quick Rotation/Laptop Campfire Speed(the Instrumental Versions)

Another review from Cobus Rossouw creator of 88 Kilos of Sunshine

The Visual is one of the Kinetic Sculptures created by Marco Mahler: Kinetic Mobile 60-1-640

These two albums, available as free downloads from represent a large volume of
work from Marco Mahler. This is the kind of output that most artists only manage in a 3 year period and yet Mahler seems to be able to produce at an incredible rate.

One might therefore be tempted to think that such output would represent castoff tunes with little thought given to
arrangement. One would expect work that was one-dimensional and bland. In this case there’s a substantial surprise waiting. Dense layers of guitar music overlay sensible percussion and perfectly weighted melodic instrumentation, accenting counterpoints that add to the melodies, expanding the ideas, teasing out themes. It’s the stuff of dreams,

The truth here is that I got this a while ago, and the review was due some days ago, but the music distracted me, I’ve
had it buried in the car stereo for most of my time and Marco’s music has travelled most of South Africa’s Northern provinces with me, and it has been the best of company. In fact, if you know the bushveld landscape you’ll understand the feel of the music. It is music for open spaces and wide skies, for thorn trees and riverbeds, tunes for campfires and cold nights, warm days
and sunshine, dust and sudden rain. It’s music for road trips and David Lynch films.

The music is instrumental and intended for soundtrack use, which would be sensible destination, but it is also meditative
and elusive, with some of the hidden qualities opening up with repeated exposure. The albums are also heralds of the released full albums and I must presume that the albums are fully fleshed songs, vocals etc. added, and it is a measure of the quality of his music that it stands on its own, as instrumentals, each a comprehensive theme and variation excursion that is beautiful and complex at the same time.

It’s a wonderful collection of tracks, each one unique and yet definitely part of a collective, go get it, and remember,
you heard about it here.

Hear trax from these albums on the NBT show
going out on the 18th November 2010

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