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NbtMusicRadio has always been and hopefully will always be a free service for bands and musicians, from all over the world, and for the listeners from every walk of life. However as the ”little radio that could” has grown to become quite the cult pleasure, the costs in running it have increased. So now we have this nifty Support Button, where you can give a little bit and happily know that you are keeping us on the air and providing a platform for new brilliant music, created by great artists, that otherwise may not be given a voice.

so: Support Already

just click on the button.. you know you want to!

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About nbtmusic

Welcome to the world of NBT. On these pages we journey into the soul of independent music. discover the thoughts and dreams of the creators and their creations. NBT is all about music tourism, independent musicians from all around the world, playing their tunes and sharing their views. a multiplatform of A 24 Hour streaming Radio, Blogs and websites! Contact : add us on twitter (we are new there) @nbtmusicradio The 24hr streaming NBT Radio iTunes: NBTMusicRadio (under eclectic) Our Flagship podcast and Our blog The NBT Review Page Facebook

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