The NBT Review 71

Peter Comes From Neverland – Peter Comes From Neverland (independent release)

I like a twist in a newly born song, and the twist comes quickly on the opening track here (Trigger), starting off as what seems to be an acoustic shuffle, it explodes mighty prettily into a full blooded rock creature. Then the harmonies, then the slightly left of centre poppy tangle, oh yes, this is one of those songs that sound effortless, from thought to player as it were, but is tightly constructed, woven, into a perfect listening pleasure.

Next track, Airplane, is well named, it is that breed of tune that was made for introspection AND movement while Absorb turns the lights down low, shuts the bedroom door and seduces the intellect with a Grizzly Bear/Iron and Wine vibe.

The secret here, I think, is this singers tightrope walk ‘tween detachment and observation, and the intimacy of a small room performer.  A good example of this is the tune, Not A Beatles Song, which will soothe my hunger for a new Sufjan Stevens tune for a small while.

The EP plays out with the cool and satisfying strangeness of what sounds like New Order or the Cure going acoustic, Peter entrancing with that Robert Smith trick of setting mood for at least 80 or so seconds before a vocal is lightly added, allowing the song to build in mood and depth, so that the listener doesn’t want it to end.

The artist’s upcoming full album should be a revelation

You can hear tracks from this EP on the NBT Podcast

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The NBT Review 25


Holding Pattern EP – DizzyGotheca (Independent Release)

The indie sirens blare jagged across the new wave landscape, tender vocals shiverShock into subtle putdown. Frantic electro percussion rubs up against broken beat danceStep delight… and …

 This is only the beginning.

‘No I Have Not Told Anyone About Us’ is a slow burn lullaby of regret, building upon soul heavy percussion and synth spits that stutter over and under shivery confessions. No wry detachment for this group, they want you INSIDE the songs, deliciously trapped.

These are audio invitations, temptations, and an exploration in to what might happen when dark souls meet.

They find the menace, the allure, within the twisted strands deep in the heart of the wounded breaking machine. They make you love the noise and the chaos, leading you into the hidden vulnerable melodies beneath the metallic seemingly thoughtless surface.

Then comes the exquisite beauty of ‘Cocoon’, not since Kate Bush’s ‘Breathing’ have I heard such a perfect capture of willing isolation.

Special mention must be made of the remixes of two of the songs here and also the wonderful hand printed CD sleeve.

Find out more and how to get this cool music

Trying Got Us Nowhere – Elika (Fiercely Indie Records UK)

 Each song a confection that exhilarates and surprises, like’ The Whip’ which begins all jungle jangle summer smile and then sidesteps into crashing chords and frantic waves. Imagine if you will a young Madonna fronting the Pixies at their most Pop Secure.

This is a collection of foreboding dream journey songs, the sonic landscapes so thrilling and so artful in their growth that soon we are flying without being aware of it, caught up (as in the very best of dreams) in the moment;  wishing that the rhythms and thoughts be never ending.

Taking pictures of new wave waltzes and handing them (still settling into concrete focus) to those holding the indie shoegaze secrets within their guitars, Elika create a timeless afternoon of escape.

They capture sunbeams, slow them down to something serene yet spooky,  then throw them into the room to dance and shimmer for our pleasure.

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You can hear both these bands on this weeks NBTDarkElectric Podcast (march 27th)