The NBTMusicRadio Fantastic Themed Hours THREE :”Comfort In the Turbulent World”

”Comfort In the Turbulent World”

11 PM Berlin Time ( 10 PM UK/5 PM New York)


10 PM California Time ( 1 AM New York) For our USA/Canadian Listeners.

Bring the disturbance home! due to many requests to have the hard rock section a little earlier for our European audiences, and a little later for our USA listeners, we have joined together the ”Comfort in a hard place” and ”More Fun In the Turbulent World” in a marriage of much anticipated excitement and organised chaos!

So now its not JUST Rock of the HARD variety, there will be PUNK on all its deviant forms and ages, METAL from the darkest dark to the sweetest pop edge,there will be INDUSTRIAL, a slice of GOTHIC, and a big scoop of PROG. there will also be a smattering of BritPoP just to liven things up.

please note: in this incredibly eclectic category more than any other; i get so many new bands every week, so the line up will CONSTANTLY be changing, shape -shifting, evolving, so If you dont hear your heroes one night you will be sure to hear them the next. but PLEASE do support all our indie bands, as they share the stage with the more famous makers of this noisy art.

Oh and finally broad minds are available at the entrance, dont come in without them 🙂

Featured (in no particular order)

Stiff Little Fingers, Voice Of Addiction, Hawthorne Project, These New Puritans, The Jam, Black Flag, IceAge, The Eversons, Thee Now Sound, Tokyo Police Club, Big Dipper, Shonen Knife, These Animal Men, Pylon, Interpol, Ty Segall Band, Revel 9, AeB,Eudora Fletcher, Mos Generator, Crawley, Odoghan,Baht, Shattered Destiny, Kill For Eden, The Mighty High, Dropbunny, The 31st Of February, Elizabeth, Title Fight, Love Of Diagrams, The Ruts, Be Your Own Pet, Echobelly, At The Drive In, Link Wray, St J and Rici Martins, Spartan, Grenouer, American Head Charge, Godard, Jai Alai Savant, My Talking Pua, Test Icicles, Wire, Deep Purple, Grifter, Pulled Apart By Horses, Gun Outfit, M185, Sweet Ray Laurel, American Head Charge, The Monks, Late Cambrian, Spizzenergi, Felt, Monochrome Set, Honeymoon Killers, Orange Juice, The Wild Eyes,Ulterior, Eternal Summers, male Bonding, Soft Pack, Dutch Uncles, Buzzcocks, Violent Femmes, Kill Kasper, Mammut, War On Drugs, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Afghan Whigs, Vaccines, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, S.C.U.M. Swell Maps, Stone Iris, Yuck, The Replacements, Dogs Bollocks,Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Phoenix, Sonic Youth, D.U.N.E., Bruiser, Moist, Fen, MaHA Rocks, Carta Marina, Reverend Horton Heat, The Simpletone, The Cooper Temple Clause, Akarusa Yami, The Black Keys, Heavy Pink, Motorhead, screaming Trees, Skyskratcher, Blue Cheer, Ministry, Deftones, Alice Cooper.
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The CyberPR (Ariel Publicity)New Media Pioneer Interviews 3

New Media Pioneer: Jimmy Tucker of Indie Radio Chattanooga


Indie Radio Chattanooga s a weekly podcast and FM Radio Show dedicated to the Independent Artist. We try to feature new artists every week, and we interview a different artist every show. We host the live show Saturdays at 10:pm EST.


Preshow starts at 9:00 EST and can be seen here:


Q: How long have you been broadcasting?

A: I have been Broadcasting since May of 2007,I got picked up on FM Radio in May of 2008

Q: In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?


A: A good song needs to consist of artist integrity, heart and determination. If the artist doesn’t believe in what he/she is doing, it will quickly be apparent…oh yeah and a kick ass guitar solo.I recently had the privilege of interviewing Last November. Their lyrics are smart and witty, all put together in a sea of innuendo and double entendre. Luke, the lead singer, said that he doesn’t go with the first draft, he like many others, work the songs to maturity before they are ready. I think this is what makes a band stand out and pushes them to that next level.


Q: What is your favorite band or favorite genre of music and why?


My favorite genre is metal, and I guess my favorite band/Artist is Ozzy Osbourne. Why? I guess it’s a combination of smart lyrics and wicked guitar solos.


Q: What changes in content laws, broadcasting rights, etc. have affected you most?


No law changes have affected me really, As long as I have the artist(s) permission. I have yet to be threatened by a band because I helped promote them.


Q: A recent study found blogs to be more effective than MySpace in generating album sales, do you feel podcasts has the same power?


A: Yes as a matter of fact, I do believe podcasts help spur album sales, significantly. Listeners are starving for new music to listen to, not crammed down their throats by the main stream. With the internet, more and more music is readily available, and podcasters are the vehicle that make all that music make sense. We put it into a “playlist” and put a little context to it so that the listener can digest it more effectively. If it is an artist I like, chances are the listener will like it too, since they listen to my show.


The Manik Music Rant episode ONE


Chris Moon aka Manik plays in several strange and wonderful ‘difficult alternative’ bands and will be hosting the NBT offshoot podcast for darker music ‘Bullets From The Belfry’ starting in feb 2008. 

An alternative dj in South Africa…that in itself is an oxymoron…look, I love music, i just feel that everyone else should feel the same.

My musical appreciation started in the 70’s, and like any young lad if it was loud and raucous it was great. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep ruled the roost, Status Quo and Thin Lizzy were heroes and David Bowie the ultimate rebel. A couple of friends and I started a mobile ‘disco’  because we wanted to bounce around to the kind of music we liked, not the drek dished out at the local school hop.

By the late 70’s, rock was disappearing up its own sphincter and the disco kids wanted Donna Summer and Saturday Night Fever – on repeat. I wanted something else – I ‘found’ The Ramones, my mates were distressed, what’s this, no complicated chord structures and no guitar solos, no nodding along knowingly. On the disco kids’ side….no shiney shirts, doo-wop choruses and carefully synchronised  dance moves to a bog-standard m.o.r. beat….. I abandoned the mobile disco thing. Look, I know a dj  , is supposed to, play to the crowd, but what do you do when the crowd knows squat? 30 years later, things haven’t changed. Alternative to me is exploring new sounds, new experience, new innovations, these days I get requests for tracks 20/30 years old!! Not that I’m averse to the odd classic, mind, but Siousxie Siousx’s (bless her) ‘Peek-A-Boo’  aint one- not with the wealth of what the Banshees have put out….(She has a new album, its great, what do you mean you can’t dance to it ‘cos you haven’t heard it the necessary 15.4 times?). 

South Africa is small, musically (yes it has a wealth of ethno-centric music, but we are talking ‘rock’ here). There has always been a  serious lack of exposure to new music – back in the 70’s there was one radio station that played ‘pop’, by the 80’s on that there was one dj who attempted to break new ‘alternative’ music. The only place to hear music even remotely off the mainstream was in music clubs – discos by any other name- and they were few and far between. Being a small market means directly that in heads through the door, alternative music had/ still has a very small market. Clubs that cater for such don’t last long, those that do, some become legend, some bland out and cater to the masses. I don’t like the term ‘alternative’ any more, its meaningless, its been out-marketed. Alternative today means ‘rock-in-general’, quite frankly, an alternative to R n B, house, ‘disco’. Labels are evil – look, I go to a ‘goth’ club today and hear…….well basically house with gloomy vocals..hooray, either that or metal…. *clicks on rant mode * 

Metal aint goth!!, It aint even ‘alternative’ (in the original context), its distorted testerone-driven over amplified play-by-numbers drivel performed by misanthropes with bad make-up and no sense of humour!!


*end of rant *

 Anyway, where was I…..there was a time I’d nip down the nearest (only?) alternative club and hear a wide variety of sounds, from electronica to rockabilly, ska to rock, metal even, ‘disco’ even. The emphasis was on new, ground-breaking, the only skill being to keep a thread going. Clubs that would be a meeting place of like minded- music freaks, alternative in music, alternative in thought. A place where some eager young pack with a couple of instruments between them would have the opportunity to do stuff – good or bad!! Dodgy photostatted fliers with forthcoming events, always something happening, something new, something to look forward to over a few pints – a musical meet-n-greet! Glory days.  We’ve gone backwards, that’s gone. Now, music has become so Balkanised that you’ll hear one genre-all night- each ‘artist’ trying to sound like each other, the only skill demanded that the dj ‘beat-mix’ , the only demand that the dj keep the dance floor packed the masses catered for and soothed with similar sounding, uncomplicated rhythm-pah! As cutting edge as a plastic butter knife. The internet-good and bad – good that its a never before dreamed of wealth of access to new music, at your fingertips, listen to it NOW. Bad in that it is also a wealth of bands that sound like bands that sound like…..Bad in that, hey, why go to a club when all I need is here, why go and physically interact with real people with other real interests in other things, other music………