The View From OurAfter


An Article by John Phillips 

The Overall Music Scene of U.S.A. and Pennsylvania:

The everlasting effects of technology and corporate America have made the musician (or artist) into the one thing that music itself should never become, a consumer product.   While the modern day musician shares his love and passion for allowing the general public to connect with his music and emotion, the modern day influence of music has been watered down into a senseless product that the general public barely has enough comprehension to understand.  Don’t believe me, watch Rockof Love on VH-1.

The true artists of today are the ones to be discovered through the internet and unsigned channels.   Most of the great artists aren’t given a chance due to the fact that their lyrics aren’t on a sixth grade level for your everyday person to understand, or the music riff isn’t the same thing that has been produced one thousand times already However, some scenes are standing out these days has a very eclectic music scene.  Since I have traveled across the U.S.A performing, I have noticed that Pennsylvania is a state that belongs mostly to the Rock, Metal, and Indie scene.

 The cities that stand out the most are Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area.  The thing that I love the most about the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area is that there is an enormous amount of talent of every type that is literally waiting to explode on a national level.   

Some note worthy bands and acts are Panacea, Spitcan, Dr, Horsemachine and the Moneynotes, Tom Graham, The Let Go, The Five Percent, Ashfall, The Drama Club, Cabinet, George Wesley, Clarence Spady, The Swims, Tigers Jaw, and the list goes on and on!

Even though the economy is faltering in some areas, we continue to work harder and strive towards a bigger picture that we have well within our sights. Check out some of the reviews through publications such as and just to see how much we believe in our area.

Being from Scranton, I have always loved where I live.   I have performed in cover groups, original groups, done concert promoting, etc.  I love being actively involved in sharing great things with my community and exposing them to musical cultures that they normally don’t get to see.  Being the president of the Steamtown Original Music Showcase in my area has proved to be a great asset to also building an ever growing awareness of original music in the N.E.P.A. scene.

My band OurAfter has grown to be a massive force in the Alternative Music Scene in N.E.P.A. and I am very proud of that.  We have performed all across the eastern seaboard and will be expanding even more.   This band will be releasing a new CD due out in Oct of 2008.  The band has found itself in it’s identity, music, emotion, and overall character. The fan base is ever growing and the possibilties are limitless.
Welcome to our world.  You should all come visit us sometime.

John Phillips