The NBT Review 19 (part one)


The NBT Review 19 (Part One)

A whole bunch of stuff to get through,( it may take TWO blogs methinks) and in keeping with the NBT Ethos, a wonderfully eclectic bunch of sounds and clutter it is too. Before I begin, just one thing all those that read this ought to know: we here at NBT only write reviews on music we find/think/feel and BELIEVE is good, even maybe great, possibly future masterpieces even. If we think an album is crap, badly constructed, derivative, lazy or BLAND (the worst crime) we just won’t write about it. Independent artists have enough bother and difficulties getting their music out there without a whole bunch of negative opinions thrown together on blogs and podcasts. That doesn’t mean I DON’T sit at home and privately tear apart the latest clean cut emo worthy soul, or poke bitter fun at yet another fake punk with nice hair who got her dad or uncle to write some tunes for her :P. I am only human after all. J


Onwards to the music.


BirdEatsBaby reviewed by Martin Smit

Holmes reviewed by William Elliot


China Doll EP – BirdEatsBaby (Independent Release)

When Rock flirts with Cabaret, the thrills of the former (daring, egotistical, immortal) are chilled in red glow by the latter (fragile, sacred, self destructive).

BirdEatsBaby knows that the stage they create and inhabit is a strange often lonely place, just a shiny razorblade edge away from the most chaotic heaven or the most serene hell.

The voice in these songs is almost innocent, fresh, almost too pure, it’s the friend’s voice during an out of control drug trip, and makes you feel safer than you should.

The piano is sleazy, and the rhythms swagger like show tunes Bob Fosse dreamt violent before he died.

This is music from a candlelit room, windows protected from the cities howl by dark thick curtains, a mirror showing flame flicker and slightly distorted images of the lipstick smeared wounded.

And underneath this sadness, a smirk, a quiet heart beat, not lost for those that listen closer and drift down amongst the swoops and cackles.

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Basement Tapes EP – Holmes (Groove Gravy Records)

Take a warmer hearted Donald Fagen, mix in the skewed country that Beck sometimes orchestrates, and add a huge dollop vulnerability and you have some idea of the charm of this CD.

From the love/hate song for the singers computer, to the slyly jazzy groove of the David Bowie cover, the music is never less than gently captivating and honestly unpretentiously charming.

This is crafted pure pop, not too afraid to be called easy listening, but with out sacrificing depth and some degree of internal pathos.

Decide for yourself here

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