The NBT Review 14

Fortune Teller reviewed by Martin Smit

Short Stories, Infinite Corridors  reviewed by William Elliot


Fortune Teller – Nathalie Nahai (Fuzzy Muskrat Records)

There is a comfort in the delicate dangers of escape. As the sweetness of the country melody builds, from the very first track, the desire for adventure away from the ordinary smothering world is sketched in fragile but warm tones.

‘Here is my journey’, the singer sings,’ I will sing of the beauty of it, the joy of it, but I will not hold back on describing the shadows and the fears along the way.’

Nahai sings of ‘Blood and Cyanide’ with a shiver in her voice, and we button our coats against the feel of the cold and look to the soul of the drama, providing us thought s and fire.

We are captured.

We want to live in these stories, sway into delicate banjo and violin mist trails, let ourselves be seduced by the shy grinning sounds of pedal steel guitar. This is traditional folk flirting with the earthy Americana, the girl getting her hands messy with the dirt and the dreams.

Nahai sings of fortunes, both twisted and sensual, her songs are not always safe places to hide away in, but they are ALWAYS desired and captivating, half glimpsed sepia photos twirling in the sunset.

Grab hold of them if you dare.


Listen, Closer.

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Short Stories, Infinite Corridors – Sebastian Lorefice (SanSebastian Productions)


This  contemporary  collection, looks back to the electronic adventures committed by Herbie Hancock with his 80s explorations in albums like Perfect Machine, but flies in a slightly different direction, more Tangerine Dream ambient than funk.

Accused or in fact admired by many as being a set of smooth jazz, the humor and the story telling within the tunes show a flexibility and an almost ironic sense of a retro modern groove.

It is a time warp of a collection, one moment the listener imagines banks of keyboards and the neon stage glow, the next we are taken into an almost scary film like soundtrack, of mood and shadows.

Standout track for this reviewer is the dramatic `Espionage’.

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