The NBT Review 16

Morning Toast – The Headie Berrie (Independent Release)

The Headie Berrie is like that cool guy at a wedding that is dressed in oh so comfortable jeans and black t shirt, who looks like he BELONGS, while all around in their stuffy hired suits sweat and scratch.

The Headie Berrie is rough fun, no frills but many thrills, is boogie soup and big chunks of pure rock’n ‘country to eat it with.

They are rockers who play the pop game as well as Mr. Fogerty used  to with Creedence,  creating rumble tumble sing along bursts, sweetened with a touching display of harmonica and close your eyes, get lost, vocals.

Stand out track for this writer is , ‘’Blank Tablature`’ the perfect antidote to those who get annoyed with Jack White’s Raconteurs, ‘look at me ma!’ fiddling about. It’s the blues that is of and from and ABOUT this time this year, this century.

It is the brand new Old Fashioned. It stomps Nostalgia though, cause this band is NOT looking back, they are dancing, sweating, playing timeless and true.

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I Can’t Drink With You – Michael Macri (Independent Release)

From Melbourne Australia comes this genre hopping collective lead vocally and with saxophone by Michael Macri.

The set starts off with the almost Stax feel swing and soul of ‘Analyse’, one can imagine this track being a genuine live show stopper with some of its more polished edges rubbed off onstage.

Shooting through reggae and rock tunes we slide into the title track, an old time gleefully dirty rock romp , full of  high tense guitar solos and pulsing keyboards topped by a captivating  passionate  vocal.

In the ballads the swing/smooth jazz inflections in Macri’s voice elevate the material from plain radio pop to something that demands a closer listen.

A wonderful surprise in the pop song ‘ Boys and Girls’ is the afro sax rhythms, suddenly we are listening to West meets Central  Africa meets the Soul South.

To me this track could become one of those classics that seem to have been there forever. Every pop station should play this tune.

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Catch tracks from both these releases on the NBT Show going out the 24th Oct 08