The NBT Review 15

Crane-Grief – Filip ( FilipSongs)

The slow motion hurt of the internal. The minimal honest sketches conceived in a room underneath the bright crackle pop of the normal day. This is gentle bare bulb sway stuff. A voice , some instruments, a scratching at the heart, a stroke a fumble a chord or 20 thrown gently, carelessly. The songs take shape ask the shadows on the wall to dance, the wall is cluttered with memories of cracks and paint and other lives.

The singer and the old equipment make timeless tunes. In the future a lost boy or girl will play this album some hours after an Antony confession. That boy or girl will try to explain to the pop relative what it is in this hesitant rawness that can mend heartbreak and cause sadness at the very same time.

Most EMOtional  Disciples will simply not get it, and ask for another spoonful of gloss and powerchord, others will fall into this ancient brand new religion of secret songs made just for them.

They will be changed and seek basements of their own, or balconies at 3 am, or half empty dangerous clubs.

And the music and the voice will deliver them from today, into something strange and otherwhere.

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This Is Grand Atlantic – Grand Atlantic (Popboomerang Records)

I kinda like that these two recordings happen to be reviewed in the same chapter of the NBT blog adventures. One is internal and minimal and full of the things that make love bite and sigh, and this is crazy beautiful, orchestrated to the max, dense and rich and rewarding AND full of the things that make love bite and sigh.

Listen to `Wonderful Tragedy’ and imagine  the Carpenters ‘Superstar’ done sweetly by Both the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev backed with a sighing Orchestra and you some idea of the treats in store with this collection.

This is music that sweeps you away, that insists you fly through the clouds and dreams, it is music to be listened to with eyes closed and breathing slow, music that insists you get lost within the harmonies and soundscapes.

This isn’t just sweet ballads though, take ‘ Coolite’ a surge rock n roll confection, Big Star/Mathew Sweet  alternative pop power, driven along by subtle twisting grinning keyboards, and then ‘ Smoke and Mirrors’ a song that would feel right at home at a Hold Steady concert.

A set of songs that give something new and exciting every listen, from explosions to whispers these creations exhilarate.

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