The NBT Review 27


Post Data – Lisa Bianco (Random Noise Records)

The first sounds we hear are motion picture soundtrack swirls, a gentle tension leading into the girl detached somewhat revealing the trouble, with, inside her. Then there is a sweet shy like bridge and the instruments join PowerPop delightful and this radio loving tune truly takes off.

It’s a seductive construction.

This is the kinda pop I wish would dominate the American mainstream charts, crafted and cool bittersweet yet catchy, it brings back the new wave sounds of the Bangles the Cars and the Go-Gos without cynical gloss or manufactured glamour.

In the tune ‘Whatever The Cost’ the pounding drums come straight from a 50s TV show, the rest is this side of BubbleGum Yeah Yeah Yeahs  ( a good thing girls and boys) then into this mix, the folky/country voice adding a skew slant to the mix, placing it 8 times removed from retro pastiche and breathing into it a unique feel all of its own.

This in fact maybe this albums biggest problem, especially among the ‘’Oh I’m too cool to like this non lofi recipe’’ The album is in danger of being thought of as ‘too light’ by those who can’t be bothered to scratch for the darkness beneath the surface.

Just listen to the Title Track and see what I mean.. for me however this song and this fine release is the perfect antidote to the pessimistic fake of the Disney kids and the dancers turned popPuppets of this world.

This is bold shiny and long-lasting..  

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Off The Radar – Ally Kerr (Much Obliged Records)

Oh the Postcard jangles, the Cherry Red way with a sweet tune flavor, the harmony ice-cream with discord flakes, quick eat it up before it melts.

Yes this is fragile, this is tender, but don’t think you can pin this music down and smother it with self conscious analyzing, there is toughness behind the wry smile and steel pranks behind the heavenly voice and strings and stuff.

This is music set for spring, made in winter, dreamt about at midnight and whistled after breakfast.

There are even gifts for the (American) country cousins in tracks like ‘ I Think I’m Bleeding’ and St Etienne  really should cover ‘There’s A world’  and with the title track one can see/hear where all those Belle and Sebastian mentions come from, though for me Kerr gets slightly dirtier allowing the heartbreak to crumble the shrugs.

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The CyberPR (Ariel Publicity)New Media Pioneer Interviews 17


Adam Hiniker

EarCandy New York

Q:  How long have you been broadcasting/blogging?

We created Ear Candy about a year ago and recorded shows sporadically for the first nine months. It was just December that we started doing a weekly show.

Q:  In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?

In my opinion it has to have an edge or some very apparent emotion behind it. I don’t necessarily think a song has to be cutting edge or innovative to be great (though it helps) as long as an artist shows skill in their craft and confidence in how they deliver it.

Q: What is your favorite band or favorite genre of music and why?

The genre I listen to the most is hip hop, it’s an extremely raw form of expression considering the overhead is very minimal and  so much can be said in just sixteen bars of a hip hop verse. I grew up listening to hip hop and always liked it for superficial reasons but in the early nineties I discovered their were acts out there that wrote about things I could actually relate to and that’s when I started getting ideas about producing music.

Q: What changes in content laws, broadcasting rights, etc. have effected you most?

With all of the podsafe music resources and the fact that most artists and labels are more than willing to let us play their music these types of changes haven’t affected us much.

Q: A recent study found blogs to be more effective than MySpace in generating album sales, do you feel that that is a true statement?

Yes, I think their is a lot of random solicitation on myspace, however when someone blogs about an artist or album it’s a form of reference for the reader who generally values the bloggers opinion. Blogging is a great form of promotion for artists and also gives music fans an opportunity to be a journalist, I think this drives sales in a way that making mix tapes used to but on a much larger scale.