The NBT Review 82

Music As Weaponry – Post Death Soundtrack (Overthrow)

Sit down, push the CD into the computer, and press play. The magic begins. A swagger slow swing transforms a city building into a night flight, essence of exotic eastern, subtle perilous. The words sing soft for the destruction of lie, and in the melody the aggression builds but tightens within itself. In this tension the power stays.

These are revolution songs, fierce and intelligent, a battle against the bland the blind the soft focus, indeed as the tune screams, ‘taking back the radio’ the noise is refined, made razor sharp to cut into the nothingness of the normal.

Music as battlefield, the camera swoops into the thick of the fighting, the overlaid blur of social politics, and hedonistic rock frantic, even if the price paid is sometimes a’ life gone solitary’ (this miniature piece is both full of dread and quite beautiful)

Wake up and listen, this is a world where the vampires are the ones who preach and rule us from the televisions and parliaments, and this band make it easy to listen, to wake up. They cloak their truth within a euphonious shape-shifting structure. No rhythm is forced, no instrument overplayed, the mix is perfect, strong and provocative.

It is this restraint, this coiled madness that elevates this band, they embrace the chaos when needed, the love the fury when set free, but they know that darkness loves the frazzled intimacy, and they swoop down to whisper these confidences directly into our willing ears.

This entire album intrigues and captivates but for me the closing horror movie crash of a lullaby is the stand out. With this song,’I’ll Meet You At The End’ the possibility of this band taking back the radio is now very real.

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