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Slowpokes – Rebecca Turner (Independent Release)

Gentle false start into falling words jumbled melodic, a sweet lecture, the Singer’s good advice to slow down and take in the casual wonder of how the subtle shades of human emotion could change your day, your life even.

This is music that is always there, a running river that maybe you were listening to the whole damn time now gracefully sliding into focus.

She says she loves Country and it shows, what also is very clear is her love of classic pop song craft and her infatuation with the art of the warm easy hook. She says pretty important things with a soft smile rock’n’sway, a lightness that make her thoughts utterly believable.

What thrills is the layers in Turner’s characters and in the world they move in. In stand out track, ‘The Way She Is Now’ the heroine is flawed (even doomed because of those flaws), but the freedom she finds in her personal chaos, makes us fall a little in envy, in love with the girl in the lyric, the song.

In Turner’s world the mistakes we make don’t have to be fatal, this is an album that suggests that hope is strength, and that the strongest survivors are those that let go just a little. Understanding everything isn’t necessary, fear is ok, and everyone is scared sometimes, but if everyone believed that the rain and the cold would finally stop and the sun would skitter and save, well that fear would be like the thrill you get from an exciting movie, certainly harmless and kinda invigorating.

For a change this is indie music that is positive, playful, joyful even.

Not naive though, Turner has a rare and insightful perception into what makes us complicated souls tick, so nowhere is there a sense of blind optimism, just that..HOPE.

An antidote to the darkness, a cure for the little things that build up and create the heavy blues, this is music that makes you want to get out of your slump, go actively seek out a better few hours.

The Musicians belong to the songs, no instrument shoves itself to prominence, balance is all, allowing the listener to discover delightfully unforced slivers of banjo, or pedal steel within the arrangements.

Come on join the escape

Rebecca Turner will be featured on NBT podcasts during September

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