The NBT Review 42


Keep The Change – Spoonfull and D-Mitch (Downwrite Records)

Right from the opening title track we are aware that we will be taken for a strangely reticent ride on the dark thoughts highway. The music doesn’t so much pump out but slithers Pixie snake bass crawl from the player. Indie blues knocked up to story telling, each song a novella, cracked insights into volatile souls.

These are songs cut to the bone, minimal barely pausing for breath, not resting, letting the sometime alt folk clatterNstrum fight along/against the turbulence.

Brooklyn Heartbreak veers from high romantic Portishead ballad, to 3am world weary resignation, only the music perhaps will save the story teller from this damning self knowledge.

Unlike some strong ego damaged boys that became international whiners, this collective is in love with the dirt and vulnerability of the acoustic, the electric lo-fi, ironic dancers and tortured torch singers. It’s a sound a mood that slinks in, makes itself at home struggling out of a mini van stranded in the desert or a neon club situated in deepest coldest Berlin.

What attracts and astounds with this album is how brilliantly observed the situations and characters are.  Take ‘Guilty Pleasure’ for example and the opening description of the women in the environmentally friendly car, note the humor gentle yet still sharp. No need for the video here, the song, the music tells it all.

Its these wry portraits, these sly vignettes coupled with an instinctively apt sonic design, that elevates this release head and shoulders above so much that has come out this year.

Find out for yourself

Tracks from this cool album will be played on the NBT Podcast this upcoming 3rd Nov

Also catch them on the special NBT show hosted by Hypoetical and Memphis Reigns