The NBT Review 17

Fathomless Tales From Leviathan’s Hole – Phyllis Sinclair (Independent Release)


This is a true story. Wanting these tales, these personal songs to sink deeper into my soul, so that I could write about them with hopefully more depth, I walked around my city with them unfurling endless, serene on my player.


I found myself seeking out the parks, the giant trees, the places where gold autumn colours would dance in the wind. I watched couples, old women, children play or merely sit thoughtful on benches and catch the fragile sunlight when they could.


I was taken to places and situations this gentle protester wrote and sung about. I was taken to places and shown situations that this quiet storyteller had seen, captured and created.

Many of the songs are laced through with an aching feel of loss, of the kind of sadness that in lesser hands could wrap despair around the SoulBody and make us seek out only the destructive shadows. Sinclair knows the Sadness must be released, but she brings hope and the knowledge of history and enlightenment, letting the sadness become a healthy, necessary way of accepting all that is terrible.

Some of these tunes are personal snapshots, we feel honoured to share, some are painted on a broader canvas of the recent past, all tell of a life far removed from the city I listened to them in. and it is a mark of this collections power that I spent an afternoon finding out more about the towns and travels revealed so beautifully and subtle.

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…And Then Some – Luke Jackson (Popsicle Recordings)

Sweden, England, Canada. That these songs were created, caressed, seduced and orchestrated in  these countries  would matter very little if their pop beauty was flawed or, even worse, boring.

These songs will capture the fussy Wall Street fast talker, the jaded Berlin intellectual, the grinning fashion disaster swooning through London’s High Street.

These songs are timeless and belong everywhere, no boundaries or borders in this world.

Take opening track ‘Come Tomorrow’, (And many will, this is a song that will drive mothers crazy as their daughters sing it endlessly and husbands hum it every chance they get) a jangle confection of harmonies and guitar, like the Byrds just took happy pills or The Beach Boys discovering New Wave.

Take ballad, ‘A Little Voice’ recalling old Elektra Vinyl, the stop and listen orchestrations flowing around the fragile folk. Or ‘ Half A World away,’ a strange mix of the half cousin of a New order song and a long lost Americana Power Pop revolutionary.

The Whole album is like this, each play is a delightful surprise. A Brand New ‘Been There Forever’

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